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Welcome to Sanuki Menki (All Japan Noodle Technical Center)!

Sanuki Menki Co., Ltd. (All Japan Noodle Technical Center) is a well-established noodle making machine manufacturer in Japan who has been leading the industry
since 1910. We have offices and distributors in 14 locations all over the world.
In 2020, the Tokyo Olympic year will be also the year for us to celebrate our 110th anniversary in business.
Please visit and learn the real Japanese noodles from us in the Home of Japanese Noodles!

Understanding the proper noodle making method is a very first step for choosing an optimum machine and also an important factor for long-term success in business.

‘All Japan Noodle Technical Center’ has over 50 year history and we have been teaching more than 40,000 students so far.
Having a noodle making machine does NOT mean that you can make good noodles.
In restaurant business, a large number of new shops keep opening up, but many of them also keep closing down in short-term.
The knowledge and techniques of making good quality noodles are the MUST, because the noodle quality is the most important factor for differentiating your business from others and it will affect the long-term success of your business.
Learn everything you need for starting up or expanding your noodle business here, and then your business can be more successful even worldwide!


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