About Us

Company Profile / History

Sanuki Menki Co., Ltd.

We are a noodle making machine manufacturer in Japan, and have been leading the industry since 1910.

We are not just a company with long history, we also keep striving to provide our customers the highest quality and the most advanced noodle technology and knowledge for their long-term success in business.

Our aim is to promote the authentic and amazingly delicious noodles throughout the world, so we design our products to be able to produce high-quality noodles for small to large production volume.

All Japan Noodle Technical Center

Our school has over 40-year history and the number of graduates are now more than 40,000.

We have been teaching how to make quality Udon, Ramen, Pasta and Soba noodles with the traditional and also the most advanced techniques and recipes.

’The Noodle Technical Center' is the only organization where you can obtain the qualification as a ‘Noodle Master’ who has the world-standard knowledge and techniques of making high quality noodles.

Patents / Prizes

We have been manufacturing noodle making machines and the related products for over 50 years.
We are also the inventors of large production line for frozen Udon noodles.

Many of our products and technologies are patented and garnered many major awards from industry and government organizations.