Personal Ramen & Udon class at H.Q.

We have conducted a special 4 days Ramen & Udon course for a customer from France by personal coaching at H.Q. in this week.

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She plans to open a Ramen restaurant in France.
We have taught noodle making with the local flours, which she bought and brought from France, by our machines.
She learnt also how to make Udon noodles, Ramen soups, Dumpling (Gyoza) skins during this intensive course.

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In Japan, we use ‘Churikiko (Medium flour)’ for making Udon noodles.
However, most of other countries do not have this type of flours.
And also, overseas flours have higher ash content than Japanese Churikiko (Medium flour) which results the noodle color gets darker.
Therefore, many overseas customers who want to make Udon noodles, have trouble with finding the optimum local flours for Udon.

But, we have secret techniques and recipes to make even overseas flours into good quality Udon noodles with white color as well as better texture!
(↓ As you see the photo below)


If you are interested in our courses and/or our secret techniques and recipes, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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