Intensive personal Ramen class at H.Q.

We have two students from France and Korea for Intensive personal Ramen class at our H.Q. this week.

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There are two ways how to take class at our school, which are the personal and the group class.
So, students can choose the class depending on their schedule and/or the contents they wish to learn about.

For this time, both of the students are taking the personal Ramen class.
Each instructor has been conducting the class according to the each student’s request.
They learn how to make Ramen noodles, Ramen soup, flavoring, oils and toppings.
And, one of the students also learn how to make dumpling skin and/or Udon noodles with the local flours.

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Furthermore, we teach how to operate the shop including the cost calculation and how to control the timing to serve the dishes, because they are actually very important tip to start and operate their business.
Our instructors have lots of experiences not only in Japan, but also overseas.
So, we believe all of our students can learn everything what they want and need.

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The same instructor you have at class will take care of you even after finishing the course, so you may feel easier when you have questions or need information later.


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