Important key to success in noodle business – Vol.2

The words of ‘elasticity’ and ‘hardness’ are often used when evaluating the noodle quality.
However, these words are not enough to make people understand the quality properly, compared to tasting the noodles.
Although we repeatedly explained about what the ‘Authentic Japanese noodle’ is and why ‘Noodle quality is matter’ in another topics, tasting the noodles is the best way to understand what we meant.


In Japan, there are many craftsmen in various fields like other countries.
Their skills are ineffable and the word of ‘skilled’ means the guaranteed quality.
Actually, the words of ‘Teuchi men (noodles made by hand)’ and ‘Teuchi shokunin (skilled noodle chef)’ are synonymous with the best quality products in past days.
However, times have changed.
The quality of ingredients had greatly improved now, and also new ingredients and additives keep being developed and introduced in the noodle market.
Furthermore, the consumers’ preferences and demands have been changing.
This means that even the skilled noodle chefs also need to update their skills and techniques, responding to market trends and changes.
If they cling to their glory of the past and stop improving their skills, they wouldn’t be able to survive in today’s volatile business environment.
Especially about noodle making, the evolution of machine technology now enables even unexperienced person to make quality noodles better than the skilled noodle chefs.

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In Japan, one of the keywords of popular texture is ‘Elastic’, and now it applies not only to noodles, but also other foods such as breads and rice etc.
Generally, the popular texture varies according to times, but the ‘Elastic’ texture has been staying as the most popular texture in years.
Therefore, providing the quality noodles with elastic texture could increase the success rate of your noodle business.
It is not easy to explain what the best quality and texture are by words, so we are always welcome you to visit us to taste the best noodles for yourself.
Once you experience it, you will understand why the noodle quality is so important.
And, the proper understanding of quality noodles will make your business goal more clear and allow you to start up the noodle business with strong confidence.

The words of ‘Tasty’, ‘Bouncy’ and ‘Elastic’ are the expressions of high quality noodles nowadays.
So, these textures are the key factors for leading your business to success.
Again, the most important thing is that you should try and experience the best noodle for yourself.
Otherwise, you will unable to have confidence with your products even though it is the fundamentals of management.

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Generally, many food consultants often point that the impressed presentation, the nutritional value and the competitive products are the secret of success in food service business.
They are actually right, but also nothing can guarantee the success in any business on the other hand.
In addition, succeeding in today’s competitive noodle business is not that easy.
Therefore, it is necessary to utilize your own study and idea for creating and providing your products with confidence, and it can be a driving force for your business success.

There are actually some other measures need to be taken for your success in business.
But, the noodle quality is the key factor for any type of noodle business success, which is the same as the quality of main ingredients would determine the success in Tempura, Tonkatsu (crumbled pork cutlet) and Steak shops.

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The quality of noodles can be drastically improved by our secret method and recipes, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our secret techniques or want to experience it for yourself!


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