5 days Udon course + 3 days Intensive Ramen class at H.Q.

We had a customer from Pennsylvania, USA.
He came all the way to take 5 days Udon course and 3 days intensive Ramen class at H.Q. for his future business.

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During the Udon course, he learnt a lot about Udon noodles and dishes from basic knowledge to practical use with other students in a group.
After the 5 days Udon course, he took an individual intensive Ramen course consecutively.
He requested us to teach how to make Ramen with Chicken, so we made some chicken soups with different recipes and also some toppings and flavoring sauces and oils.

On the last day, we taught him how to serve the dishes nicely and quickly based on an actual shop operation.
He has a good hand and finally created his best ramen dishes!

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He stayed with us for 8 days in total this time.
We hope he enjoyed our class and learnt everything he needs.


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