3-Day Udon course at H.Q.

We had a 3-day individual Udon class at H.Q. this week.
The customers came from Spain this time, and they plan to produce and provide various types of noodles to shops in the area.
We arranged the course programme focused on how to make Udon and different types of noodles with the same machine, and also showed some Japanese noodle recipes for their reference.

img_4362 img_4367

Because they are considering to provide noodles, but not to open a shop, we also showed them the machines for larger production volume and how to operate it according to the actual operation upon their request.

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The customers said that the popularity of Japanese noodles including Ramen is increasing also in Spain, so people has started recognizing the noodle business as a profitable business.

img_4394 img_4328

Ramen and Udon have been booming not only in Japan, but also overseas countries in recent years.
But, they are not only the noodle types we have in Japan.
There are actually so many different types and styles of Japanese noodles, so it is worth exploring the world of Japanese noodles with us if you are interested in noodle business.


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